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Company Profile

Navigator Financial Services Inc. is an independent financial services company providing retirement and estate planning solutions for our clients. We strive to be excellent at what we do, creating real value for our clients, assisting them to reach their financial goals. We provide our clients with direction, manage their assets, provide superior products and solutions and teach the importance of stewardship in their lives. Our focus is to provide our clients with personal and comprehensive financial planning and direction in order to assist them in reaching their financial goals today and tomorrow.

Mission Statement

“We endeavour to provide our clients with personal and comprehensive financial planning and direction in order to assist them in reaching their financial goals today and tomorrow.”

Statement of Principles

  1. Our relationship with our clients includes the development of a personal financial plan to achieve their financial goals. As part of this plan, we review and evaluate the investment, insurance, banking, retirement, estate and tax planning aspects of each client’s situation.
  2. We strive to serve as our clients’ chief financial advisor. As part of this role, we would collaborate with existing professional advisors such as accountants and estate lawyers. If required, we would also access our own network of professional advisors.
  3. Our investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature. Operating within each client’s risk profile, an investment portfolio is structured which will achieve long-term growth without undue risk – as a result, both we and our clients sleep soundly at night.
  4. Tax planning and minimization is a key component of the financial plan for most clients. As part of the overall plan, strategies such as income splitting, tax deferral, prudent use of leverage, etc., are evaluated.
  5. Every six months all clients receive a summary of investment performance. The information is presented as clearly as possible; in addition, the format of the report is reviewed with all new clients at the onset of each new relationship, to minimize the confusion about how to read the reports. Client reports can be provided more frequently upon request.
  6. Our client’s accounts are monitored on an ongoing basis to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances. In addition, each client is invited to review their account on an annual basis and appropriate adjustments can be made. More frequent meetings can be arranged.
  7. We make ourselves as accessible to clients as possible. Our objective is to address all business inquiries within one business day.
  8. We believe that our best clients are those who are fully informed. As a result, we have a strong commitment to client communication through regular newsletters, seminars and guest speakers. In addition, we maintain a library of some of the very best books on personal finance, available for loan to all our clients.
  9. We also serve our clients through commitment of self-development by way of education, both formally and topically. We will maintain and go beyond the educational standards placed on us by our various educational designations.
  10. We view sacred the trust our clients place on us, observing strictly the guidelines of discretion and confidentiality. We put our clients’ interest first and foremost, and we are pledged to uphold the ethics of the professional organizations to which we belong.
  11. We believe in the “whole person” concept; that money and possessions are only a part of an individuals’ life. We would encourage our clients and ourselves to keep our lives in good order by taking care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.
  12. Finally, we believe that each of us is ultimately accountable to our Creator for the life we live and how we impact others. We would encourage our clients and ourselves to live a life of good stewardship, so that one day, we may hear these important words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.

Corporate Values

Our values guide everything we do– from strategic planning to day–to–day decision making, to the manner in which we treat our clients and other stakeholders.

We are accountable for our actions and our recommendations. We will provide the best choices as we understand them in order to improve a client’s current circumstances. We will also encourage our clients to take personal responsibility for the decisions they make or don’t make.

We believe that we all exist within a community and all of us are enriched if the community is nourished and supported. We will do our part in nourishing the communities we are a part of.

We have paid our dues, we have gained a greater sense of wisdom having been able to observe first hand what works and what doesn’t. We have had a practical acquaintance with facts and events that has resulted in knowledge and skills.

We will not compromise our values, we will be honest in our dealings, we will consider the wholeness of our advice and in our decision making, we will be trustworthy, we will not compromise for the sake of expediency. We will strive to ensure that what we do is coherent, consistent and sound.

Through experience and education we have acquired knowledge. We don’t believe in the saying that knowledge is power but we do believe that “knowledge applied is power”. We are well informed, well read, and learned in our profession. We have a grasp and a discernment of what is really important to our clients.

We believe it is not enough to see clearly but to see further and as we see further, we are enabled in some respects to impact that future. We have a telescope to the future by applying the optics of the past.

We believe that each of us is accountable to God for the life we live and how we impact others. Furthermore, just as we are accountable to God, we are also accountable to the trust our clients place in us and we take this charge very seriously. Stewardship is the value that under girds all of the other values.



My time of using the services of Navigator Financial, specifically John Kok has now climbed to the nearly two decade mark. The years have marched on and through all the ups and downs of the economy we have listened well to the advice of our counsellor.  It is wonderful to come to retirement years, although not yet retired, and feel satisfied that we have reached the goals to which we were attaining.  I am grateful for good, solid advice which puts Marg and I in a good place as we move along in years.

          – Ken MacDonald

We have confidence that, with John’s guidance, we will be able to afford the comfortable retirement that we are planning.  We also know that our affairs will be in order and that we have simplified things both for our benefit and for our estate when we pass. We definitely would, and have already recommended John as a Financial Advisor to other people looking for someone to help them achieve their goals.

          – Darryl and Wendy Turner

Seventeen years ago I was introduced to John Kok by a colleague and I have appreciated his solid financial advice ever since.   John’s strong value system and open approach gave me confidence that my investments were being well handled and that I was planning appropriately for retirement.

          – Barb Nyland

“I have drawn on your expertise, John, as a financial planner in organizing my personal estate plan where your extensive knowledge of financial matters was a great asset in helping me put order into my own estate plan. Thank you, John, for your time, your enthusiastic, gentle manner, your honest options and your advice. I very much appreciate the ongoing service you offer to me. I would be happy to recommend you to any person wishing to develop a planned giving program or a personal estate planning program.”

          – Connie McClung

“Alison and I would like to thank you for the tremendous help you have provided for us over the past 15 months or so. Before we heard you speak at the Sunday evening seminar at First Baptist, Calgary, our estate planning was in a deplorable state. We had 20-year old Wills and nothing else. You spent quite a lot of time with us, working over such matters as retirement income, bequests, security for one’s surviving spouse and methods to minimize tax on our estates. Thanks to you, we now feel at peace knowing that the details of our estate planning have been carefully settled. I’m sure that there are others who feel as indebted to you as we do. You provided an invaluable service at a time when we simply did not know how to proceed.”

          – Dr. Gerald Hankins

“I have been associated with John Kok since September, 1980 and consider him to be a very honest and hard working individual. I believe that both his character and integrity are second to none. His success in the industry is indicative of the quality of service provided to his clients. I consider him not only a business associate but a very good friend.”

          – Edward J. (Ted) Cain