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Protect Your Wealth

History is littered by many stories of successful people who failed. They were on their way to a great financial future but either failed to heed the warning signs or simply didn’t see them coming. There are two major areas of practice that we utilize in addressing the issue of protecting your wealth:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Estate Planning

Risk Management

One of your greatest financial risks is that your income will cease before you have accumulated enough capital to become financially independent.  Fortunately, we can employ a number of risk management strategies to provide income for an unplanned event such as unemployment, premature death, prolonged disability, critical illness or the need for long term healthcare.

At Navigator Financial, we will help “crash-test” your current financial plan to see where it stands or falls. We will show you how you can make your plan sustainable going forward.

Estate Planning

In all aspects of planning, but of particular importance to this aspect of protecting your wealth is to establish your estate plan.  This involves creating a Will and naming an executor, beneficiaries, a trustee and a legal guardian for your children.  Insurance will provide income protection for your family in the event of an illness or untimely death.  You can also relieve the burden from your family by minimizing taxes and probate fees.

When it comes to estate planning, every individual’s financial goals and objectives are unique.  Following our guiding principles, our experienced, professional advisors use a comprehensive planning approach to create an estate plan that best suits your unique situation.

Experienced, Professional Advisors

Our advisors are professionally qualified with an average of over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. We take a long-term view to financial planning and building strong client relationships.

Independent Advice

Navigator Financial is an independent financial services firm. We are not associated with any single bank, life insurance or investment firm.  Our independence allows our advisors the freedom to compare available alternatives in the marketplace and recommend what we believe is the best financial plan for your unique circumstances.