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What people are saying...

"My time of using the services of Navigator Financial, specifically John Kok has now climbed to the nearly two decade mark. The years have marched on and through all the ups and downs of the economy we have listened well to the advice of our counsellor.  It is wonderful to come to retirement years, although not yet retired, and feel satisfied that we have reached the goals to which we were attaining.  I am grateful for good, solid advice which puts Marg and I in a good place as we move along in years."

          – Pastor K.M., client for over 20 years

"We have confidence that, with John’s guidance, we will be able to afford the comfortable retirement that we are planning.  We also know that our affairs will be in order and that we have simplified things both for our benefit and for our estate when we pass. We definitely would, and have already recommended John as a Financial Advisor to other people looking for someone to help them achieve their goals."

          – D & W Turner, Business Owners

"Seventeen years ago I was introduced to John Kok by a colleague and I have appreciated his solid financial advice ever since.   John’s strong value system and open approach gave me confidence that my investments were being well handled and that I was planning appropriately for retirement."

          – Barb N., Loyal client for 25 years, Retiree

“I have drawn on your expertise, John, as a financial planner in organizing my personal estate plan where your extensive knowledge of financial matters was a great asset in helping me put order into my own estate plan. Thank you, John, for your time, your enthusiastic, gentle manner, your honest options and your advice. I very much appreciate the ongoing service you offer to me. I would be happy to recommend you to any person wishing to develop a planned giving program or a personal estate planning program.”

          – CM, Retiree

“I have been associated with John Kok since September, 1980 and consider him to be a very honest and hard working individual. I believe that both his character and integrity are second to none. His success in the industry is indicative of the quality of service provided to his clients. I consider him not only a business associate but a very good friend.”

          – Ted  C.

"We were first introduced to John over 35 years ago. Over the years John has guided us in a variety of different investment strategies and while the decisions were ultimately ours to make, it was easier to make those important financial decisions with the help of someone we trusted who has experience and knowledge in this area. A few years ago, when we still had a few investments in another place, we made the decision to transfer all of our investments to John and the Navigator Financial team. This was a great idea, because now we have all of our investments in one place and it’s easier to keep track of everything as a whole. John can now help us look at the big picture and give us advice and suggestions based on all of our investments. John never makes you feel rushed and he is always willing to go into as much detail as needed to make sure we are making informed decisions about our finances. All the advice and suggestions over the years will help us move confidently towards retirement. If anyone needs a financial advisor who will look after their best interests, we would highly recommend John Kok, and the Navigator Financial team."

          – Cindy & Darrel, Teachers, 40 year clients

"I have enjoyed the entire process since our first meeting. John’s enthusiasm and ability to make the entire program simple to follow, including the subtle way he makes his suggestions seem like my ideas, he always puts me at ease. John’s constant attention to my personal situation has instilled a level of trust that I have tried to convey to others. I am grateful for all the solid advice over the years and my financial future has not been a source of continued stress, which says a lot these days."

          – John J, Manager

"I was referred to John Kok at which point I met him and felt comfortable immediately at our meeting. I felt confident enough to move my investments entirely over to him. Throughout the years John has been consistent in his follow-up with me on a regular basis. He has provided updates, suggestions and answered all of my questions. I feel that John’s service has superseded any previous experience I’ve had with any other financial advisor. I have appreciated his honesty and his considerations throughout my time working with him. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a sound, professional, and experienced financial advisor to anyone."

          – Heather, Realtor