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Financial Seminars


Navigator Financial Services Inc. is a leader in the presentation of financial seminars that cover a wide range of important topics. One of the unique features of our company is the development of a series of seminars known as “Christian Financial Seminars” (CFS). The Christian Estate Planning Seminar, our flagship presentation, is also available on a secular basis.

Seminars Offered

General Seminars

  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Living Benefits
  • Financial Planning

Christian Financial Seminars (CFS)

  • Christian Financial Basics
  • Christian Investment Planning
  • Christian Retirement Planning
  • Christian Estate Planning

Organizational Sponsors (partial list)

  • Anglican Church of Canada
  • North American Baptist College
  • Bissell Centre
  • The Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • YMCA

Participants Benefits

  • Learn practical information and application about financial planning.
  • CFS – Learn more about God’s financial principles and the importance of stewardship to their lives.
  • CFS – Learn how to integrate God’s financial principles into their financial planning.

Benefits of the Organization

  • Provide a quality educational experience for your members.
  • Receive benefits from a renewed emphasis on stewardship and planned giving.
  • Likelihood of receiving planned gifts.