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John and Val Kok through the Edmonton Community Foundation set up the NAVIFUND in 2001. It is our wish to assist workers in the mission fields for His sake, in accordance with Biblical direction, through the establishment of an endowment fund to support such workers.
The NAVIFUND is set up upon the following trusts and conditions:

  1. The intent and purpose of the NAVIFUND is to further God’s work, by providing funding for workers representing Christian organizations undertaking missionary and other Christian-based charitable activities locally, in Canada or internationally.
  2. The NAVIFUND shall be an open-ended fund to which the undersigned or others may from time to time make additions. The Foundation will furnish charitable receipts for all donations received and accepted.
  3. The donors consent to the NAVIFUND and the contributions made to the NAVIFUND being identified in the publications and the donor recognition opportunities of the Foundation.
  4. The NAVIFUND and property added thereto or substituted therefore is to be held by the Foundation in accordance with the provisions of The Edmonton Community Foundation and the Bylaws, policies and procedures of the Foundation, as they exist from time to time.
  5. Such portion of the net income with respect to the NAVIFUND that is in accordance with the Foundation’s policies in effect from time to time shall be disbursed at least once annually by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, in its discretion to qualified donees with the meaning of the Income Tax Act.
  6. In making such disbursements, the Board will consider the written advice and recommendations from the Grants Panel Chair. Initially, John, Valerie, Joshua and Michael Kok shall together form a committee (“the Grants Panel”) to work with the Foundation in the selection of beneficiaries and the award and disbursements of grants. The Grants Panel shall set its own procedures provided such procedures are not inconsistent with the specific provision of this agreement or of the Charter. Vacancies in membership of the Grants Panel or the additions to its membership can be made from time to time by a majority of the Family then still alive. Upon the death of the last of the Family, vacancies in the membership of the Grants Panel or additions to its membership can be made from time to time by a majority of the members of the Grants Panel.
  7. Any determination made honestly and in good faith by the Board shall be final and binding.


Every year applications may be submitted to the Grants Panel. These could include short-term missions projects, long-term mission projects, Bible school applicants or the like that qualifies under the umbrella of doing God’s work on earth.

The applications are reviewed by the Grants Panel (currently John, Val, Josh and Michael Kok) and monetary awards are granted as permitted by the boundaries of the Charter.
If you wish to submit an application for a grant, we welcome them. Outline for us the type of work or schooling you are interested in pursuing, details as to tuition, expenses etc, the name of the school or mission project along with a reference letter from a teacher, pastor or employer that tells us why you are deserving of the award.


If you are interested in making a donation to the NAVIFUND you may send your donation to Navigator Financial. Cheques are payable to the NAVIFUND c/o the Edmonton Community Foundation. All donations receive tax receipts from the Edmonton Community Foundation.


For information about the Financial Statement please email info@navigatorfinancial.com