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What are people saying...

I have come to know Mr. John Kok as one with a long history of providing Christian Financial Seminars. John is a pleasure to speak with and as a professional and caring individual, John is always ready to contribute and share ways to help individuals who seek to serve the Kingdom by ways of estate planning. Always a treat to chat with him and swap stories and discuss business ideas. It is our desire to help people plan their own future needs and at the same time invest in the Kingdom of God. John Kok can give insights and help in this regard. We commend him to you!

Anders H Bygden CFRE | Director of Development, The Alliance Canada

I am constantly struck by the scarcity of investment advisor who are prepared to openly profess a Christian stance. I have found your professional and morally consistent approach to be refreshing. I have no hesitation in recommending you and wish you success in your attempts to serve God through estate planning seminars for churches.

Dr. Peter Craighead

We are pleased that Mr. John Kok has agreed to conduct Christian Financial Seminars and serve as a financial advisor on behalf of NABC/EBS. His services are much appreciated. God provides various ways to expand our stewardship to Him. However, many times we are not aware of the opportunities. It is our desire to help people plan their own future needs and at the same time invest in the Kingdom of God. John Kok can give insights and help in this regard. We commend him to you!

Marvin Dewey, President, Taylor Seminary

Hi John. I want to say a huge thank you to you for being with us and for facilitating such an outstanding webinar. I so much appreciate how you concisely and sensitively opened the door for the pastors regarding this essential (though, sadly, so often neglected) area of Kingdom ministry.

It's also great to hear (from my perspective) that some of our ABA churches are taking advantage of your expertise and ministry. I want to thank you so much, once again, for your willingness to serve our Lord and build his kingdom by using the gifts and expertise and experience that He has entrusted to you.

I certainly do pray, brother, that our Lord will continue to grant you ongoing joy and strength and excited anticipation of all the lies ahead, as you continue to faithfully serve Him!

God bless!

Terry Fossen, Regional Minister, Alberta Baptist Association

I have attended John’s Christian Financial Planning Seminars. His background and qualifications in both financial and theological training qualify him uniquely and give him credibility in his teaching.

The summary John gives on his Navigator Financial Services website is thorough and credible. I am happy to unreservedly endorse his Purpose and Statement of Principles. They describe John, his work, and his life very well.

I encourage everyone who has the opportunity, to attend John’s Christian Financial Planning Seminar. I can think of no one better informed or who will give a more thoughtful and informed presentation.

Abe Funk D.D., Executive Director, Baptist General Conference of Canada 1984-2002

To Pastors and Churches,

I want to commend to you the work and ministry of John Kok, who has been a friend, and help to my family over the past ten plus years. John is an independent financial advisor and the owner of Navigator Financial in Edmonton, who along with providing solid financial guidance, has always had a Kingdom perspective to handling finance.

John is highly qualified and has over 40 years of experience as a financial planner. John also has a passion to share his experience and knowledge within local churches, helping people to make wise financial decisions. I have had John present a couple of his seminars to our local church, and they have always been well received and informative. John speaks in a way that is practical, and relatable to everyday life. I have never come away from one of John’s seminars where I didn’t learn something new! To be clear, John’s presentations are not about “drumming up” business, but what he sees as an opportunity to partner in ministry with the local church.

John has several seminars he can present covering a wide variety of important topics relating to personal finance. I would encourage you to call him to see how he might be able to help your congregation grow in financial health, and their understanding of Christian stewardship.

I am confident that this will be a helpful resource for you and for your church.

Rev. Tim Kerber, Regional Minister, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, June 16,2023

My time of working with John Kok has now climbed to the nearly two decade mark. I was introduced to John at a Financial Seminar held at West Meadows Baptist Church some years ago. I was pleasantly impressed with how John passionately led the seminar giving hints of his own personal fulfillment by being able to guide others along the same pathway that he had discovered for himself.

His guidance provided assurance that I had a friend and advisor who was really interested in me. He was willing to share the difficult words in order to keep me from experiencing hardship. It is wonderful to come to retirement years, although not yet retired, and feel satisfied that we have reached the goals to which we were attaining. I am grateful for good, solid advice which puts us in a good place as we move along in years. As Christians, we recognize that there are no certainties in this life, but the Bible does encourage us to be good planners. With the help of John, we believe that we have been good planners and we deeply value the guided pathway that John established for us. John’s coaching has resulted in a strong level of confidence that allows us to be prepared to head into the retirement chapter of our lives.

It is with deep appreciation that we tip our hats to John for his attention to detailed financial planning. We are grateful for his hours of investment in us in order to ensure that our financial goals and legacy is clearly established.

Pastor Ken MacDonald, Southwest Community Church

I have gotten to know John personally through his journey to become a Certified Kingdom Advisor® and his regular engagement with Kingdom Advisors. This is an organization started by accountant Ron Blue to integrate technical expertise and biblically wise counsel into the financial advising role. The CKA® designation sets financial planners apart as financial professionals who have pursued faith/work integration to the highest credentialed level in the financial advising world.

John has been an excellent financial planner for more than 40 years in the area of retirement, estate planning and generosity. He has a heart for ministry and has been offering seminars based on Biblical financial principles for more than 30 years. I’m confident that he will be a great resource to your church in the area of financial matters and stewardship training. We commend him to you!

Lorne Robinson, National Director, Kingdom Advisors

John Kok is a sage of godly financial planning. I first heard John speak years ago on money and finances and it made an impact on me back then. As a pastor years later, I wanted to have someone who could share biblically sound and wise approaches to managing money and stewardship. I didn’t feel adequate in speaking to the matter, so I invited John to come to our church. He brought a solid message on stewardship followed by a seminar on will and estate planning that was fantastic! John has renewed passion to help individuals and churches tackle some of the thorny discussions on finances with clarity and sensibility. John Kok is a gift to local churches and families as they try to navigate money matters with godly wisdom.

Pastor Brian Siewert, Onoway Baptist Church

The church’s job is to disciple God’s people. That includes teaching them to be wise stewards of their finances. Toward that end, our church invited John to conduct three financial seminars. John comes with years of experience in financial management and has a lot of wisdom to share. His seminars are full of excellent material that helps his audience manage their wealth and prepare for the future. True to his word, John did not use the opportunity to promote his own business, but simply sought to inform his listeners. I recommend John to any church looking to provide similar discipleship opportunities.

In Christ,

Pastor Andreas Tabert, Capilano Christian Assembly

As the instructor in this course, I was very pleased with the balanced approach John took. I am by nature, or choice, somewhat skeptical of “financial gurus”, but am confident that John is working at integrating Scriptural truth and his expertise in the financial services market. John presented well, and his material is very thought provoking.

Wayne Tomalty (MDiv) Faculty member