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Origin of Navigator Ministries

As a young boy, John wanted to be a Pastor or a professional CFL quarterback, but his life went in a different direction. Instead he ended up in financial planning, started a company called Navigator Financial & that has been a really great fit for more than 40 years. In his field, he was very focused, and achieved numerous awards and designations.

The desire to be in ministry, however, never left him, and he was encouraged by 1 Peter 2:9 where Peter reminds us that we are all chosen, no matter what we do for a living, to be part of the Royal Priesthood. He realized that he could still fulfill this calling of ministry in his vocation as a financial planner.

During his mid-life crisis, he took up motorcycling and taking classes at Taylor Seminary and graduated in 2014 with his Master of Theology degree. Upon finishing, he asked God what He planned next for him and to his surprise, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He said that was a wild ride, but he’s still here and still wants to be of service.

In 2020, John earned the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation. This program integrates technical expertise and biblically wise counsel into the financial advising role. This designation sets him apart as a financial professional who has pursued faith/work integration to the highest credentialed level in the financial advising world.

In 2023 he joined Compass Ministries in order to offer small group studies on important financial topics from a Christian perspective. In the same year, Christian Financial Seminars was renamed to Navigator Ministries, a better name to reflect the expanding work of our ministry.

Navigator Ministries offers stewardship training through seminars, workshops, small group studies and personal coaching with a 3-fold purpose:

  • To provide God’s people w/ practical info and assistance regarding money management
  • To grow better stewards by teaching God’s financial principles 
  •  To multiply resources for the ongoing work of God’s church on earth