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Helping Christians become

better stewards

"The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it…" Psalm 24:1

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Navigator Ministries is a non-profit ministry serving Christians and Christian organizations for more than 30 years in stewardship training and financial matters. We do this by offering seminars, webinars & workshops, small group studies, planned giving programs, and financial coaching.

Crown Ministries did a survey and asked these four questions:

  • Do we need more teaching on Biblical Financial Principles?
  • Do church attendees want to hear about this topic?
  • What resources would be most helpful to you?
  • Would a qualified resource person available at no cost be valuable to
    you and your Church?

68% of pastors said people would be ok with teaching on Biblical Financial Principles. 98% of the people attending said it should be taught, and 87% people thought it should be taught more often.

When asked what resources would be most helpful? 38% said Practical Seminars & Workshops, 31% said Group Studies and 15% said Helping people get help with debt / budgeting. 60% were concerned about the church’s financial health, 40% concerned about their own financial health. 86% people said if Christians gave according to biblical financial principles, churches & ministries would be funded for everything they need.

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Faith Centered

We provide Biblically based sound financial advice that comes from decades of education and experience - and we have a great team to deliver on this!

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Education Based

Our teaching formats are designed to meet you where you are and help you learn, apply, and multiply what the Bible says about faith and finances.

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Your financial life doesn’t have to be complicated. Bookmark this helpful page to your one-stop-shop for financial tools, calculators and resources.

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