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Seminars & Workshops

These Christian-based educational and entertaining presentations are integrated using modern financial principles with Biblical wisdom. Each presentation is typically 2 to 3 hours and can be customized to fit your requirements.

The seminars are generic; there is no promotion of companies, products or specific people. They are well received, and we are happy to provide you with references and the responses of past attendees.

How NOT to Blow up Financially

Do you ever wonder why in one of the richest countries in the world, and given great opportunities to succeed, so very few people do? Are the times different now? How does being a financial success and being a Christian fit together or does it?

This session is designed to introduce the ten major reasons why people fail financially, and the solutions to turning this situation around.

Investing 101

Overconfidence often leads to mistakes and many Canadians believe they know more about financial management than the evidence suggests. Almost 1,400 adults took a financial literacy test recently to assess their knowledge, skills, and confidence, but the average score was just 44%. Prior to the testing, 90% of respondents said that their confidence in money management skills was “very good” or “good.”

This session will cover the basics of investing. We will look at what to invest in, how to build an investment portfolio, product choices, the cost of advice, tax concepts like RRSPs & TFSAs, and time-honored investment principles.

*These first two sessions can be combined for a day-long event for college and career groups.

The Grande Trip
(Retirement Planning)

It has been said that most Canadians will spend more time planning their holidays than their retirement. The result can be some pretty nice holidays along the way but a disastrous retirement. There are no do-overs when it comes to retirement; you need to get it right the first time or face the consequences.

This session is designed to look at retirement using the analogy of a Grande Trip. We will talk about planning for this trip, what are the costs of your trip, what are the risks you are facing, how to enjoy your trip and then how best to end the trip.

Wills & Estate Planning… A Christian Perspective

What if you could pay all of your estate costs, support your favorite charity, and still leave your entire estate to your children? That is the ultimate estate planning challenge! In our experience, we find too many people making too many mistakes in their estate planning which will leave their families stressed and poorer as a result.

This session is designed to introduce people to this critically important topic. We will look at the legal, financial, and charitable considerations of estate planning. We will look at how people fail with this important responsibility and how you can learn and benefit from their mistakes.

Preparing the Executor

This 90 minute session is designed to assist those who are Executors and are likely very unprepared to deal with a very difficult, time-consuming, and often thankless job.

Managing the Master’s Money

Jesus reminds us in the Gospel of Matthew that He will return and require an accounting of the talents he gave us to manage. Financial matters will not be an exception.

This course is available as a weekly series over 8 weeks, or as a weekend series over 8 hours.

The participants will be provided with practical information and tools to deal with such issues as debt management, financial planning, risk management, reducing taxes, retirement planning and legal issues focused on Wills and Power of Attorneys. We will take a close look at investment principles, products, and strategies to reach one’s goals. We will show how all of this fits within a Christian World View.