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Non-Financial Retirement Series

77% of those planning to retire wish “there were more resources available to help them plan for an ideal retirement beyond just their finances” - Age Wave study

The following 5 presentations are one hour each and deal with the critically important non-financial side of Retirement Planning. This series can be presented in-person or via webinars

3 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

This program is designed to educate clients about the need to plan the non-financial side of their retirement. Financial advisors work hard to build their clients’ financial portfolios so they can afford to retire. But most people think that making their bucket list is all they need to do to plan the non-financial side of their new life. Sadly, that often leads to disillusionment and unhappiness when reality sets in after the honeymoon fades, and they realize they don’t know what they are going to do for the next 25 years.

We cover three important topics that will help clients see the benefit of consciously planning the non-financial aspects of their new life:

  • Develop a RichLife Mindset
  • Be Engaged in Life
  • Build Your Happiness Portfolio®

Retirement & Your Relationship

When you move from the career phase of your life into retirement, everything changes. Most of the cornerstones of your career world disappear. This big upheaval can have a significant impact on your primary relationship. For some it leads to Gray Divorce. For others it is the beginning of a rich and rewarding new phase of the relationship. This program spotlights the pitfalls so you can avoid them and paints a picture for how your relationship can flourish in this new chapter.

We will explore:

  • The challenges a relationship faces
  • The opportunities retirement presents
  • The need to reconnect
  • Renegotiating roles and responsibilities


Retirement Challenges of High Achievers & Workaholics

High Achievers enjoy many benefits in their careers. When it is time to move away from their career into retirement, they also face unique challenges that make the transition more difficult than most people experience. This webinar describes those challenges and offers solutions for transitioning successfully into their next chapter.

In this course, we will:

  • Explore the reasons high achievers often struggle adjusting to life after their career
  • Examine techniques for moving through the transition
  • Discover solutions for creating a happy and fulfilling new life

Unique Challenges Women Face in Retirement

There are many differences between the way men and women respond to and cope with life’s challenges – and retirement is no different. Although both genders face many of the same issues, there are some that are uniquely women’s challenges. This program explores the challenges women often have to deal with as they move into retirement.

In this course, we will examine:

  • How the dynamics of a relationship shifts when a husband/partner retires
  • Challenges and opportunities when you are flying solo
  • Falling into the assumption trap
  • The need to connect

Your Happiness Portfolio…How to make retirement the best time of your life

People know they need your help to build a financial portfolio so they can afford to retire. But they often don’t know they also need a Happiness Portfolio® to live a happy and fulfilling life in retirement. They think that it will just happen automatically. For most people, it doesn’t just happen and they become disillusioned and disappointed.

A Happiness Portfolio® is much more than a bucket list. The things on your bucket list are just part of your Happiness Portfolio® along with your vision and action plan for how you want to fill your days so you feel it is the best time of their life.

We will describe:

  • The eight non-financial areas that they should think about and plan
  • Whether or not you want to include some kind of professional activity in your schedule
  • Ideas for designing the kinds of activities they want to include