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Small Group Bible Studies

Build your Finances God’s Way

Through these six chapters, you’ll learn what the God of the universe has to say about money and possessions, how you can practically apply these words to your life, and how you can grow in leaps and bounds on your financial discipleship journey.

Set Your House in Order

The six-section financial discipleship study is designed to help you assemble and organize all of your important financial information in one place! This study is so important for equipping your family and loved ones and for managing your current financial scenarios.

Give, Save, Spend

Designed for 16-22 year olds, this six chapter study teaches God’s perspective of managing money and possessions for the next generation. It provides practical applications and future scenarios for handling finances God’s way, equipping students for a life-long journey of financial discipleship.

Chart your Legacy

From God’s perspective, leaving a legacy is far more than just leaving a heritage to your family for a few generations. In this study, you’ll explore how you can finish well and leave a legacy that not only touches your family but also influences families around the globe in such a way that the impact will last forever.

The Compass Curriculum

Specifically designed for homeschool, high school, and college courses, The Compass Curriculum is all about doing it God’s way. This 13-lesson course will improve your finances (and life) by guiding you to apply God’s principles to your specific financial circumstances. Your destination? Financial health and freedom! Topics Include: Starting Well, God’s Part, Our Part, Generosity, Saving, Investing, Debt, Honesty, Work, Counsel, Crisis, Eternity and Finishing Well.

Finances God’s way is a global non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to teaching people what the Bible says about money and possessions, how to apply it, and how to replicate it in the lives of others.

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